Keep The Center Map?

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Keep The Center?

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    Now that Ragnarok is released, I have noticed very little traffic on Scorched Earth. The new map gives the ability to get a lot of the resources that we got Scorched Earth for, making it really unnecessary. We (the community) are considering retiring the Scorched Earth server, if this happens you will have time to get your dinosaurs and items into the Obelisk and transfer to another server.

    There are also numerous bases on The Center that have been demolish-able for quite some time and it appears that the traffic there has decreased as well. We will be discussing the plans going forward with the servers on the Forum, so if you have something to say I would speak up before you end up with a total loss.

    The servers are funded by one person at this time, and it appears we have far more slots than we are filling right now and Ragnarok appears to fit all of our needs. If we decide to remove Scorched Earth and/or The Center you will have at least a week to upload all of your items to the Obelisk and transfer.

    Another reason for this consideration is the Cluster system is completely trash for modded servers and causes far too much stress trying to move between them all, with the buffer errors and memory leaks.

    When you vote, please leave a comment to justify your thoughts.

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