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    Building Rules:
    1. No MASS Land Claiming. Doesn’t matter how large your tribe is, there is absolutely no need to claim massive amounts of land.
    2. No building on resource locations, such as:
      • On mountains where there is crystal, obsidian and metal.
      • On water where the castoroides (beavers) build their dams. This includes The Hidden Lake on TheIsland Map and certain rivers. If you’re not sure, ask admin.
      • Dead Island on TheIsland Map (aka Carno Island).
      • In or around caves, including underwater caves, or entrances to areas for exploring.
    3. No building in a way that prevents other players from accessing a loot drop.
    4. No building on mountains or mountain sides, not even smelting structures. Melt your metal back at base, or use a portable smelting system via a dino with a platform saddle.
    5. No blocking off rivers or entries to the main lands, preventing people from traveling through.
    6. Clean up after yourself. If you’ve tamed a Dino and needed to use structures, clear them out afterwards. Same goes for any structures you’re not using anymore.

    PvE Rules:

    1. No PvE sabotage/PvP actions during PvE, such as:
      • Planting of C4 on buildings or dinos.
      • Picking up tamed dinos and players.
      • Picking up tamed dinos and dropping them in random locations on the map.
      • Dropping wild dinos into bases in order to cause havoc.
      • No holding of prisoners during PvE.

    General Rules:

    1. No Douchebaggary [All rules are up to the admin's discretion.]
    2. No Griefing. Examples include but not limited to...
      - No carrying or dropping people or their dinos without their consent
      - No leaving dinos on wander/aggressive outside of a fence/base. They will be killed without question.
      - Going out of your way to ruin the fun of another person.
      - Baiting dinos, Bosses, Tribesmen, or Dieties to other players bases.
      - Joining a tribe with the intent to betray them.
    3. No Building or Blocking.
      - Floating Island
      - Volcano
      - Caves with Artifacts
      - Herbivore + Carno Island (Extinction Servers)
    4. No Building structures in resource rich areas or foundation spamming to claim land.
      - There are limited places to farm resources. Don't build in resource rich areas and block these spawns.
      - There are also limited places to build. Do not spam foundations to prevent people from building. Placeholder foundations must be built on within 24 hours or they will be removed by an admin.
      - It is your responsibility to read the server rules, if you find your foundations missing.. don't come screaming at us.
    5. No using exploits to build or farm.
      - Ark is still early access, there will be bugs and exploits. Abusing these to an extent beyond what would be considered fair will result in punishment.
      - If you have to do things a specific way for it to work, it's probably an exploit. Don't do it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.