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TBB - Sandbox Drive RP [Paralake]
Sandbox Drive RP [Rockford]



TortoiseSVN Client - Click Here


In order to use SVN you need to download and install the SVN Client above.

Once it's installed, go to your add-ons directory and right click any white area.

Click 'SVN Checkout' and use these URL's in the top box and click OK.

Put the link in the top box, if you don't know what a URL stands for.

This will download the full add-on for you in your Garry's Mod add-ons folder.

To update them, right click the folder and click 'SVN Update'

Make sure you update often, so you don't miss anything!


LoneWolfie Cars -

TDM Cars SVN -

Talon Vehicles -

SpedCars -

These links will not work in your browser, they are designed for the SVN Client only.



If you choose to use the SVN Method, it's highly recommended to unsubscribe from the workshop add-ons for TDM, Talon & LoneWolfie.

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    Feb 15, 2016
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