Advanced Bunny Hopping

ABH Is an incredible feat of Garry's Mod, that you can use anywhere, no matter if it's impressing your friends, or getting out of hairy situations. First, you need to set up your bind for it to work. The following bind is universally helpful, and isn't just helpful for only ABH. You need to type in these two commands into your console: bind mwheelup +jump, bind mwheeldown +jump . This will cause you to jump whenever you move your mousewheel. Next, to actually preforming ABH. You need to first sprint-run forwards. Next, you need to crouchjump. Crouchjumping is crucial in ABH, Since a bad crouchjump can make or break ABH. Then, while in the air, face behind you, still holding crouch, and start moving your mousewheel very fast, foward and back. Remember, the only directional key you should ever press during this process is W, when sprint-jumping forward. Keep moving your mousewheel, and you should launch yourself like a rocket! It may not work sometimes, and you may slow down. Don't give up, because if you slow down, you may be able to speed up and propel yourself even faster. Remember, be cautious where you use ABH, since it might appear like you are speedhacking. Have fun running like sanic!

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