End of the Road.

Sad to see this mini era come to an end. I remember when I first started GMod and my brother firstly recommended me to come on TBB. I understand, everything must sometime come to an end. I wish everyone luck on their new adventures.
This sever has changed my life witch I have made many awesome friends and have met many fun people to play with. This server will never be forgotten with me.
Apart from taking ownership of #2, I will miss 3, 4, 5 and if so, then the other gamemode servers, if they close. It is like the end of an era, and there were awesome times back then... But Xer0n, go on vacation, or as us English say holiday, and relax without dealing with the stress.

To all those friends I made, who are unfortunately leaving us, good luck in the future, guys!
I never thought the day would come. for all of the tbb be supposed to be shut down. I might make my own server so the people that played on the tbb servers can play on mine well I guess I will have to break the news to every one on the servers :(
Let me just say, reading this, my mind is in distress right now, tbb is how ive spent my tine for the past 2 years, and to be quite honest, it has probably been what has kept me alive.
Back when i first joined a tbb server was 2 years ago, right after i moved away from all of my friends, including my girlfriend, i was in a full depression. The servers were fun the staff were friendly, i felt good there when i didn't in reality or at school. Over the years i grew into the server, slowly getting to know everyone, (and eventually getting on cast and galaks good side, if you guys remember that). But these servers have been a gift in all honestly. I have been inactive recently because i was working on getting my permit, but now that i have free time i saw this, and kind fell over. TBB is amazing.

Xer0n, and every other founder, staff, etc.
From the bottom of my heart, i say thank you.
Welp crap, There it goes. All the memories and good and bad times gone. Man TBB was were i felt like i could express my self and make friends. when i first joined tbb i was in depression. most days i wanted to do something stuiped and kill my self because i was not as good at things were everybody was better at then me. it was a funny story when i joined the teamspeak one day and xer0n_ said " Who the F*** are you?" it was hilarious. i made friends that i can talk to and they would listen to me and not be a D*** and not give two s***s. but you guys were not like that. you guys were like family to me and were always there for me. people like you, you dont find a lot in this world. but you guys were the best at what you are today. When i first got cancer i went to xer0n cause i was balling " Crying" like my life was over. Then i littery would just sit in a channel by myself everyday for about 3 weeks because i thought people would jugde my because of what i had. And you Bobby, Xer0n_, Ritzu, Cast, Data Were all there to help me not to think about it. that is why i count you all family to me because then i figured out how you guys really cared about me and then it was me that would be crying everyday to me laughing with you guys all day long with you guys. I would have not been what i was today with out all of you. When some of you would doault me because i was sick and i could not be staff i wanted to prove those people wrong i was on every day doing what i loved.

Now i would like to thank xer0n_ from the bottom to the top of my heart for helping me become what i was today and making these servers. you are like a farther to me. a brother a everything to me.

Bobby was like a brother to me cause he would help me with whatever i needed hlep with even xer0n_ did. i would just like to thank everybody again for helping me

Farwell TBB Staff, Users, Owners, And Family.

i'm gonna miss the servers especially because the TBB severs are the only ones i like but i understand and support his desision
Xer0n, I must say, thank you. Our community has gotten me through the toughest time in my life, and made me feel accepted for once. Though it saddens me to see TBB go, the memories I've made with you, Sarai, Ritzu, Evan, Billy, and the list goes on, will always be a part of me and I will always cherish them. I'm sorry I haven't played Gmod lately, but after 450+ hours, the concept got a bit dull, and I moved on to other things. If you, or anyone else in TBB, wants to play CS:GO, or some other multiplayer game I own, just hit me up via Steam.
:'(Xeron if you want I can't take ownership of server #4 and if it's ok with you I will keep the name... And I know you and all the other people that read this are tonna be like who the F*** are you I'm Rain Runner I used to be Madfox334 but I've been playing on the severs since there were only 2 TBB servers and I'm best friends (you could even call me and him family) with DummyFizh and i Also know plenty of high ranked and just general staff and I talk with DummyFizh almost every day. But I will take owner ship of the server and if you do give me the server I will be on every day that I can and it won't just be me it will be my best bud that I got to school with will pay the cost and we will keep TBB alive and if anyone wants to support me PM me and we can work things out. I hope you take my words and understand me I just don't want TBB to die. I just can't deal with TBB dieing... Not agin I can't deal with it, when ever I'm depressed I come on to the server and it always cheers me up. I hope that you understand what I and we TBB as a community feel about the servers. The TBB community will never die we will Be here to support you Xer0n. And I and we TBB will always be here for you Xer0n we have been through rough times but we've survived and we will continue to survive.

-Rain Runner
Rain, I think that's a fun idea and I would love to help and also take some ownership in it, but you have only been on the server very recently, and that you are only regular. Now I know that we are buds and you know some peeps, but in my 2+ years being here, i've almost never seen you.
The reason you might not have seen me is becaus I was a owner of a dark RP sever that just recently was taken down due to lak of support and that why I started playing on the TBB severs and I was also banned from one of the TBB severs for a while but I got unbanned. I just can't deal with another of the servers I love(like my dark RP server) being taken down and I have lost of people I'm my area that could help with the serverand I will if Xer0n doesn't shut the server down play on TBB 2 I've also been playing on TBB 3 more the the other TBB servers.
Some of that was confusing to be honest :p but I understand your point, and i'm sorry that all of those things have happened and I'm trying my best to keep it up as it is the one that seems to be the easiest to work with/run. So if we get enough supporters we could potentially keep it going, but it's a long shot and I completely understand that Xer0n needs a break and that TBB isn't what it used to be. <3 to all, keep it up everyone!
Well, the TBB servers have been super fun and thanks for them while you could put up with them. I remember joining the servers and liking them a lot after having to put up with QIG's "Owner" monster for a long time. I couldn't even speak on QIG unless I wanted to be banned. Your servers where a place where I could speak freely and not have to worry about getting banned and your staff protected players from cyber-bullies. It breaks my heart that you're doing this but, you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm gonna miss Teh Build Box. It's been nice playing while you put up with all the nonsense and problems over the past 2 years.

"The TBB servers may live in infamy for some and love in heart for others but the TBB name will never die" -roket333 2015
Once these servers shut down, there's no point in playing Garry's Mod anymore. Because I only came back to TBB when the QIG sandbox server randomly disappeared off the list. Once TBB #3 shuts down, I will be leaving Garry's Mod permanently.
I actually see a lot of flaws with your decision. TBB 3 and 4 are actually the most popular servers in this community. Every time I try to play on those servers, it always has 12 players or even a full house. Don't cancel servers that have full houses!
I must agree with [member=440]ItsNoUse[/member] 3 and especially 4 are almost always full, but we (at least I) understand your decision.
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