End of the Road.

I am sad to see it go. I do understand why. Xer0n, I would like to thank you for the great memories. I also hope that everyone from TBB will stay friends. I know I left but the drama was driving me crazy. I hope I see you all in the future.
I don't really know what to say. I seen this thread and it hit me pretty hard. I know I haven't been here in a while due to computer problems but I still think of the community all the time and I was hoping on returning soon. I knew that this day would come when the servers would come to an end. I still remember the day I joined 2 years ago. I made so many great memories and made so many great friends. I'm gonna miss these servers so much. I just want to say good bye to all my friends I made while playing TBB, so I guess this is goodbye to all my friends, Xer0n, Galakaston, Saunders, Cast and everyone else.

This is so sad to see TBB go. I met all of my best freinds On there And sometimes I would get some of my irl Friends and play With them. I really hope one day TBB will start over with a Fresh Ban list Fresh Mods and Fresh players. I wish it could stay and now my self will be playing GTA. There were no other cool servers like TBB. And if I didn't have TBB Than I would not of met my freinds. again, I wish it could stay but I know this is best. I know how you feel. I, My self youst to host a famous mine craft RP server (surprisingly) But I had to shut it down to because it was only funded by myself. I'm about to cry that TBB has gone down hill but at least The team speak server will stay open. Thank you TBB for all you've done for me and my buds. all the RPs you gave us all of the funny moments For all of the crashes and everything else. We will all miss you TBB good bye and Hopefully we can start over again soon. Oh and one last thing Thanks for all the memory's. If you took the time to read this, Thank You.
Well...it upsets me seeing the community go, but it seems that this is the only option. Most of my friends came from this community, and I thank you all for that. Thank you Xer0n and everyone else, It was fun while it lasted.

We are keeping 1 or 2 Garry's Mod sandbox servers, custom servers (prophunt, deathrun & murder) and the TeamSpeak. We will not be "shutting" down completely, and we will still have our tags. In the future (2016ish) we may decide to change our name and have a better idea of what we're going to do as a group.

We are all friends and that does not change because of a few servers go offline. Those of us who are on TeamSpeak every day still play games and hang out, just not necessarily on Garry's Mod.
I Mourn The Loss Of the faithful servers. They were the first gmod servers I ever played. I was absolutely hooked as soon as I joined by the fun gameplay,great community and responsible admins. Thank you TBB for showing me what an amazing server was. Good bye Xeron. Good bye servers. Good bye community. Good bye TBB. thank you for letting me steal your time reading this. -Butterking2323
Bullshit...Complete and udder bullshit. Popularity in server 1 dwindled only because of reliability and stability. When it was up and stayed up it was populated. Oh well... RIP TBB I guess.
It's either we go with NFO and they claim we're using 100% cpu usage and they restart us non-stop or we go with jest servers who have complete shit support and a broken server auto restart script. It's lack of experience versus oversold equipment and lies. NFO is $12/month but can't handle shit or jest is $21/month on a super strong server that doesn't reboot after a crash.

I'm out of the game because it's not fair to host a build server without knowing how to code lua and give something exclusive to players. If you look around, 99% of the "good" "acf" "build" servers know how to lua code or have a team of coders to fix shit and maintain them. It's also not fair to me hosting a server that our community rarely even plays on. I used to be up to par on running a build server, but that is diminishing with my lack of even playing garry's mod lately.
Its a build server. It doesn't need to be different then the rest. Just needs to have the tools and addons people want and be up when people want to play on it. You don't need to know lua and the server doesn't need anything special.

Here is a few things you can do.
1. Give a couple trusted members the console info to be able to log in and restart the server rather than wait for you to get online to restart it yourself.
2. If you're not into that idea then host a webpage with two buttons on it. Get some script that will "start" and "stop" the server from that page.
3. Host the server on a dedicated machine from your home.

I dunno. Just some ideas.
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