TBB News - 3/21/15


Hi Everyone! We have been working really hard behind the scenes to bring forward new servers and make them more interesting! Not everyone knows that we have Prophunt, Murder & Deathrun now.

Deathrun & Murder are running pointshop with custom models and a few other perks at the moment, and we're deciding if we will make a new Prophunt server for this as well. At the moment our Prophunt is vanilla per request of our community, if we do decide to make a new one with pointshop the announcement will be made. If you think the prices or economy is wack on the new servers, pull an admin aside and express your concerns.. the prices are not final as this entire system is in Beta.

Our new pointshop and donation system both run off of the website so if you earn points on Deathrun they will travel across all of our servers. If you earn points in Murder, you can go directly to Deathrun and have the exact amount there as well.. they add up together. New donation system: Here

Packages are all on sale %30 off right now, check it out!

Our new donation system for in-game rewards is now live, we have been working diligently on making everything user friendly and fully automated. If you do decide to donate for in-game perks the system will automatically rank you up and issue your points immediately.. no waiting for manual input. There is also a support ticket system in place, should something go wrong. :(

You can also donate the old school method by clicking on the PayPal button on the main page.

Please take note that Deathrun, Prophunt & Murder were located in Los Angeles, California and have been moved back to Chicago, IL meaning the IP Addresses have changed so they will not show up on your favorites or history anymore. The updated list will be below, and on the front page of the website for now.

You may have noticed the workshop collections not working properly, this is caused by a change in management on the servers. [member=312]Galakaston[/member] has taken ownership of the Sandbox Drive RP servers meaning that the collections are done through his account now. If you haven't visited the updated links below, you may want to do that to make sure you have it all. -- http://workshop.tehbuildbox.com

We're also working on loading Anti-Cheat for our new servers to ensure that the gameplay is legit and fair, I will not be releasing what we will be running to prevent potential exploits.

Build Box #1: Build Server -
Build Box #2: Fly & Drive Only -
Build Box #3: Sandbox RP -
Build Box #4: Fly & Drive Only -
Build Box #5: Sandbox RP -
Build Box: Prop hunt -
Build Box: Murder -
Build Box: Deathrun -

Thanks Everyone!

Remember if you have any issues with the servers not operating correctly, you need to post the issues on the website so our team can work to fix the problems asap! There are too many times where something isn't working right and it'll go 2-3 months without being mentioned. I'll ask someone "Where is everyone" and than I get the answer of something is broken.

Also, not very many people have been playing on #5 and insist on waiting to get into #3 which is always packed. It was brought to my attention that the ranks are not equal and duplicators only play on #3 so they can use their dupes. I will be working on getting them both matched, so you can go to either servers and be the same rank. It would be nice if people would tell me this, before I decide to close a server because no staff or players go on it.
Thank you Xer0n just wondering if your RP video will be produced for some servers Looks Very good also.

P.S. Great job On the other servers Xer0n Keep it up :)
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