VCMod vs Photon Emergency Lighting Systems

VCMod vs Photon

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This Announcement is going to be in regards to Server #3 - Sandbox Drive RP. I've heard that people are considering getting rid of VCMod and switching to Photon. This is because of a few reasons (I believe), 1. VCMod hasn't updated in about, 2-3 months - Maybe even more, 2. Because of the VCMod updates being inactive, The new vehicles being added don't have working lights on them. I assume this is why people want VCMod gone. Because of the lights not working on a lot of vehicles.

Photon works the same as VCMod, And can support both police lights, And basic lights. Photon does have a few disadvantages though.

Pros (Of Switching To Photon)

- All vehicles would have working lights.

- Better appearance

- Customizable lights (Through Context Menu)

Cons (Of Switching To Photon)

- No vehicle horn

- No 'Lock Vehicle' feature

- Vehicle brakes might not lock on exit (No parking brake)

- Have to manually add Photon to each vehicles.

- No Vehicle Damage system.

- No trailer attatch/detatch

Although, We could add Photon on top of VCMod, But that might cause compatibility issues and could possibly break VCMod. Then we would have 2 broken mods on the server.
I say keep VCMod for a while and see if it will be updated, because there are so many cars coming out they cannot keep up to adding VCmod to the vehicles.
I believe in a month or two vcmod is going into version 1.78 and it adds a lot. We should wait it out until then
Photon in my opinion is better for the following reasons.

1. Photon is easier to use
2. The lights with photon look more realistic
3. Photon is just about on every vehicle
Even though Photon does provide lights for every car, we lose lots of useful features. I'd stick with VCMod for now, and see if there's anything waiting around the corner.
I want VCMod. There is an update out and like one server has it.
And like only 20% of cars have Photon, and that's only the ones with emergency lights.
So without VCMod we'd have no passenger seats in our cars, and well, everything's not gonna be fun. I think Photon can be combined with VCMod too.
VCMod shall stay, or RP shall not either because with Photon RP is not a thing.
With photon we have no passenger seats for fun together, and only lights on emergency vehicles.
So yeah this server called Swiftly Gaming has updated VCMod script somehow and they have every single TDM car updated with it!
So there should be a script somewhere

Conclusion: Do not remove VCMod, or this server would be somewhat like Fly and Drive as RP is practically unexistant with Photon. No Photon on every single normal car, no passenger seats for trips, so more lag would be created with that being more cars will need to be spawned, and emergency vehicles would practically dominate the server being that they're the only ones with lights.
Also for me, Photon is much harder to use, and it's very confusing for me.

Please stick with VCmod or i'm going to think of TBB 3 as a fly and drive server because of how we can't do trip RP anymore and have no lights on normal cars! :(
Mr. Hax said:
I want VCMod. There is an update out and like one server has it.

That's actually SlideWolfie's own Server. He's good friends with LoneWolfie, and freemann (the developer of VCMod) I believe, so it'd make sense why.
From what I'm hearing, Photon is fully compatible with VCmod. Therefore I will add photon on top of VCmod and most likely add lights to tdms crown Victoria since that was the only emergency vehicle without lights. -mobile
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